Drones Can Provide Critical Services

As the US begins a massive overhaul of its aging infrastructure, drones can provide invaluable assistance accomplishing the tasks ahead. Drone technology will be instrumental collecting data and inspecting the millions of miles of roads, bridges, utilities and pipelines before and after their rehabilitation. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) already sees the value of drones in the process. The agency is developing best practices for using aerial drones during structural inspections of the agency facilities. The data collected from these drones can provide image analysis critical to airport operations such as obstacles like trees infringing into the approach corridor. 

Technology and Timing are Right 

The latest camera technology gives incredibly detailed and accurate mapping and stunning images. Cameras can meet specific data collection requirements for thermal, infrared and multispectral images. Zoom features from longer distances as well as extremely close in clear images for inspections.  

Autonomous beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flight and increased sensor capabilities that  provide 540° obstacle avoidance capabilities that meet inspection needs previously unavailable. There is industry specific software for 3D images and geographic information systems for  mapping. 

All the newest technology that can fill a critical need as the United States tackles such a massive undertaking to improve its infrastructure. Those businesses that can provide location-intelligent drones will be key to the trillion dollar rebuilding project.

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