Drones That Use Thermal Technology

Drones with thermal imaging cameras are changing the way we do many things such as  industrial and energy inspection, search and rescue, public safety and law enforcement as well as areas of agriculture and wildlife management. 

Inspections With Thermal Drones 

This equipment increases safety and efficiency in all areas of inspection. Thermal drones are being used to accomplish tasks in ways never thought of until just a few year ago. 

Industrial Inspection  

• Inspect storage tanks for leaks. 

• Locate blockages in above ground fluid transmission systems. 

• Locate buried pipeline leaks. 

• Detect thermal patterns and measure the temperature of boiler tubes. 

Utilities Inspection 

• Identify electrical power line short circuits and broken conductors.

• Identify hot spots and transmission line failures. 

• Assess solar array condition in minutes. 

• Detect wind turbine gearbox failure by thermal rise conditions. 

Commercial Building Inspection 

• Heat flow which shows the need for added insulation. 

• Inspection of plumbing facilities for evidence of moisture intrusion.

• Inspection of HVAC and refrigeration units for leaks. 

• Inspect concrete structures for various defects. 

Residential Inspection 

• Safely and efficiently obtain data from the air. 

• Conduct thermal audits for energy efficiency. 

• Find faulty electrical circuits within the walls that produce hotspots.

• Determine spots on roof that are losing heat. 

Search and Rescue 

• Locating missing or stranded victims with heat signature. 

• Live video streams.  

• Payload delivery or post disaster support. 

• Day or night missions.

Firefighting and Law Enforcement 

Thermal cameras can see through the smoke to help tackle the flames.

• Find smoldering hot spots in walls. 

• Continuous data and information in hostage or active shooter situations. 

Agriculture and Wildlife Management 

• Accurate farm analysis to improve crop yields. 

• Obtain data on irrigation, soil conditions and plant disease. 

• Tracking livestock and spotting predators by heat signatures. 

• Monitoring pasture utilization. 

Drones with thermal cameras are proving to be an invaluable tool in these areas and  more. This drone capability is saving lives and property as well as proving cost savings to industry and government. The development and use of thermal technology with  drones is here to stay.

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