Drone Company Raises $20 Million

Drone Company raises $20 million: XTEND, has announced it has raised $20 million in equity financing. This funding will help  XTEND meet high demand specification requirements from existing and new customers as well as develop its new generation Drone Operating System. This system is for autonomy and multi drone applications. 

Who is XTEND 

XTEND was founded by Aviv and Matteo Shapira in 2018. XTEND has developed a unique and patented Drone Operating System called XOS that allow next generation man-machine operation. This combines human judgement and edge-based Artificial Intelligence which allows operators remote, high risk scenarios in GPS denied locations, all at minimal risk.  


XTEND has an advanced operating system that enables any operator to expertly operate a drone to complete missions like helping first responders to find survivors inside a collapsed building or intercepting a rogue drone in an airport at high speeds. With its advanced Drone Operating System, Intuitive On-Screen Display, and the ability to fly both indoors and outdoors,  this technology provides ease of use available to operator. 

Who is Using XTEND 

Israel’s Ministry of Defense tier-1 units and the United States Department of Defense Special  Forces have selected XTEND for its programs to develop and deliver systems for operational  evaluation. XTEND has hundreds of systems globally saving lives and completing high risk  missions without physical presence. 

XTEND believes they are becoming the world leader in tactical telepresence.

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