These Autonomous Inventory Drones Are Changing The Way Businesses Handle Logistics

Inventory Drones: Drones are playing a key role in bringing in digital transformation!

Conventional warehouses are being disrupted by global e-commerce, high velocity supply chains, and same-day delivery commitments,which is resulting in intense cost pressures.

FlytBase is a California company that has joined with the FlytWare Solution Partner program in launching a new innovation in businesses. By using autonomous inventory drones they are changing the way businesses manage logistics and supply-chain metrics in optimizing aerial inventory scans.

Having overcome the key challenges of indoor autonomous navigation, automatic barcode scanning and reliable, affordable hardware, cycle counting of warehouse inventory (which is a labor intensive, but high-value business activity), can now be done aerially and automatically. By deploying autonomous drones, the FlytWare solution replaces manual inventory cycle counts for large warehouse or distribution centers. This saves time and money with intelligent, automation software working behind the scenes.

The FlytBase technology platform, which the FlytWare builds upon, combines flight autonomy, edge intelligence, and cloud connectivity with the capability to remotely manage, and support, drone fleets for all major drone hardware.

Autonomous inventory drones enable companies to mitigate Covid-19 health risks for warehouse workers who would otherwise have to work close together with manual scans.

FlytBase CEO Nitin Gupta made the following statement concerning autonomous inventory drones:

“The Solution Partner program provides partners the ability to demonstrate inventory automation leadership, and thus differentiate themselves from a competitive industry. With access to market and customer insights, the FlytWare solution roadmap, marketing collateral, product training, and return-on-investment calculators, Solution Partners can rapidly climb the ‘drone learning curve.’ They can access multiple revenue streams across the journey of aerial inventory adoption, from lead generation to post-deployment maintenance and support. FlytWare set out to solve supply-chain challenges of indoor autonomous navigation, automatic barcode scanning and reliable, affordable hardware. The drone-centered solution can be configured across a variety of storage layouts and operated via user-friendly dashboard and integrated with API-enabled warehouse-management systems. The operational success of FlytWare is driven by continuously refining the solution in close partnership with warehouse inventory and IT teams. The importance of B2B partnerships has only increased amidst the ongoing pandemic. Restrictions on travel, e-commerce and human involvement have highlighted the importance of remote collaboration and automation. Since last year, we have worked closely with not only our enterprise customers, but also members of the warehouse inventory ecosystem, such as WMS vendors, supply chain consultants, inventory service providers, pallet suppliers, and so on. These interactions clearly highlighted the need to help our customers navigate the journey of automation in their inventory search, and audit processes. We now wish to accelerate our FlytWare partnership activity, across countries, and across the customer life cycle.”


Digital transformation in the business world will not wait! Either we join in this adventure, or we will be left behind.

As FlytBase CEO Nitin Gupta points out, with so many still caught in the traditional model of operating, it is clear that there is a great need to help customers to “navigate the journey of automation’ in its various aspects.

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