Parrot’s ANAFI USA Takes Off With Solutions for the Public Safety Industry

Parrot’s ANAFI USA, which was designed for public safety and enterprise use, was recently (June, 2020) released with positive reactions from the industry.

Parrot has become known for its strong network of partnerships and subsidiaries. It has invested impressive time and money in building a portfolio that enables a business solution. The hardware release of Parrot’s ANAFI USA synchronizes with supporting software offerings, such as Pix4Dreact, to provide an effective solution, which will meet some of the needs of law enforcement.

Solid Hardware

Parrot’s Pix4D’s offer features that are practical, effective, and tailor-made for the public safety sector. According to a spokesperson from Parrot:

“Compatible with the industry-leading mapping software

Pix4Dreact, ANAFI USA allows first responders to quickly

transform images into precise 2D maps on a laptop.”*

Pix4Dreact has a 32-minute flight time and has a stabilized triple-camera array in front, with 32x zoom, thermal imaging and 4K HDR video capture, and it also only weighs 500 grams (1.1 pounds). It is designed not only to provide the real-time mapping so essential to law enforcement applications, but it’s also easy to use.

Parrot’s ANAFI USA produced for the U.S. military and is considered to be very strong for its size, that is, it is wind-resistant, dust-resistant, and rain-resistant. It is made for commercial use with impressive zoom power and thermal imaging ideally suited for surveillance, first responders, search-and-rescue missions, and industrial and infrastructure inspections.

The camera, with its three lenses, can record standard wide-angle video, zoom in to a tight 32x telephoto view, and record heat signatures in its thermal view. The thermal view is especially important for various applications, such as being able to spot lost hikers, heat leaks, fires, etc.

According to Parrot, the drone will only work if its software is properly signed with a certificate. Data encryption is also available as an option for safety reasons.

Reasonable Pricing

The cost of Pix4Dreact is about $7,000 with its hardware, sensors, software, and integrated cameras. This price is considered very reasonable for law enforcement and public safety agencies.


Parrot’s ANAFI USA, designed for commercial use, will contribute to public safety with its impressive camera and ability to record heat signatures in its thermal view, thus enabling it to spot lost hikers, heat leaks, fires, etc. — which makes us all safer.

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