Parrot and Hoverseen Develop Drone-In-A-Box Technology

The French leading UAV maker, Parrot, is partnering with Hoverseen, another French company, an automatic-drone startup, to create an automated drone-in-a-box technology.

Such a partnership makes it possible for clients to deploy Parrot’s enterprise-level ANAFI drone as an automated, drone-in-a-box surveillance solution, which is capable of dispatching and charging from a lightweight docking and recharging station. These drones are capable of acquiring data and then returning to a charging station. This means drones are able to take off, land, charge, and transfer data autonomously, without people.

The partnership will give Parrot’s ANAFI Thermal and ANAFI USA the ability to deploy using Hoverseen boxes. Together they can deploy a FLIR thermal sensor and include a built-in 4K HDR camera. According to Parrot, such partnership offers “an ultra-compact tool to gain new aerial vantage points for security and inspection professionals.”*

This partnership enables Hoverseen’s software and charging stations to transform Parrot ANAFI drones into an automated, secure Internet Protocol camera for businesses.

According to a Parrot spokesperson:

“[Hoverseen’s platform] is capable of easily integrating into any business’s existing security system and networks. Any professional system requiring livestream video or thermal metadata can take advantage of Hoverseen’s solution. Moreover, pictures and recorded 4K video footage from the drone can automatically download for later offline analysis into the organization’s database upon landing in the docking station as the drone simultaneously recharges.”

Integrated Features

  • ANAFI drones follow pre-programmed, automated flight plans and do not require specialized pilots to operate.
  • The interface offers complete real-time monitoring of missions  and flight conditions.
  • Drones can be dispatched automatically in response to an alarm signal, or according to a routine schedule.*

Eric Villiers, Hoverseen Founding President,

“As an automatic drone-in-a-box solution provider we were looking for a lightweight cost-effective drone, integrating the best technology available . . . We are proud to be working with Parrot to pair our Smart Aerial Scanning solution with the ANAFI, ANAFI Thermal and new ANAFI USA drones to deliver a simple and secure solution to our customers.”*

The Parrot ANAFI USA is its latest drone with a strong focus on security. It was designed for the First Responder and Enterprise market, and may also be appealing to the Army. The ANAFI USA’s 32x zoom is capable of identifying people as far as 1.2 miles away. This drone is a practical option in that it is easy to use and can be fully operational in just 55 seconds and is able to fly in difficult weather, such as rain and winds up to 15 meters per second.

In July, 2020, Parrot proposed ANAFI USA as a realistic alternative to the gigantic Chinese drone maker DJI. The timing is relevant since the Chinese company has security issues. ANAFI USA’s rationale is that it is “an American-manufactured, rugged and feature-loaded system at a reasonable price point.”*


Partnerships such as these, between Parrot and Hoverseen, show what can be done when working together. Many are excited and hoping that Parrot ANAFI USA will be an alternative to the Chinese drone maker DJI. Time will tell whether this is a realistic option, but many believe it would make the world of drone technology a safer world.

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