Parrot and AIRT To Develop Solutions For First Responders In New Partnership

French Drone maker, Parrot, has partnered with the Florida-based Airborne International Response Team (AIRT) to provide first responders with drone support when needed. Parrot will be providing its latest ANAFI USA commercial drone to the AIRT.

The Drone Responders public safety program is providing them with financial support and the brand new ANAFI USA professional drone. AIRT is a Miami-based public safety non-profit company, which has announced a partnership that will help put Parrot’s new public safety solution to the test.

The team from AIRT already uses the Parrot ANAFI Thermal and they are anticipating zoom functionality combined with the thermal imaging capabilities, which should enable them to respond more effectively for the 2020 hurricane season.

Parrot ANAFI USA was chosen by AIRT because it is easy to use, and includes a robust feature set. It also uses strong cybersecurity protocols, and can be purchased at a moderate price.

Chief Charles Werner, retired director of the DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance, stated,

“Parrot ANAFI USA appears to check all those boxes. We look forward to testing the aircraft on behalf of the public safety UAS community.”*

Christopher Todd, executive director of AIRT, addressed the partnership with Parrot’s drone technology and how it will be used in stating the following:

“We are excited to team up with Parrot to explore how their latest drone technology can help emergency response professionals prepare for, respond to, and recover from complex incidents. We truly appreciate their support and dedication to our non-profit mission.

We’ll be coordinating extensive testing with members of both AIRT and the DRONERESPONDERS program to fully assess the ANAFI USA’s capabilities for both disaster response and public safety missions.”*


The Parrot ANAFI USA is the latest drone that focuses on security. It has been designed for the First Responder and Enterprise market, even though the drone has been designed with features that might be appealing to the arm. The ANAFI USA has an impressive 32x zoom and is capable of detecting people from up to 1.2 miles away. The drone is easy to use and can be operational in merely 55 seconds. It is not easily deterred by weather conditions since it can fly in rain and in winds of up to 15 meters per second.*

Chris Roberts, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Parrot, explained:

“Our partnership with AIRT and DRONERESPONDERS allows Parrot to collaborate directly with first responders using drone technology to make a positive impact within their communities . . . We are excited to get the ANAFI USA deployed into real-world response missions to help save lives and property.”*

Chief Charles Werner, retired Director of the DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance, agrees.

“Our research shows that America’s first responders are seeking drones that are easy to use, offer a robust set of features, and maintain incredibly strong cyber-security protocols – and all at a reasonable price point. The Parrot ANAFI USA appears to check all those boxes.”*

Parrot will soon introduce the ANAFI USA to the public safety and law enforcement sector. Parrot and AIRT, the Miami-based public safety non-profit, formed a partnership that will help to test Parrot’s new public safety solution.


We see here the importance of partnerships. In fact, in some situations, some advancements in technology require resources that only partnerships can provide.

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