New Revolutionary Drone Disinfectant Technology From Perpetual Motion

Perpetual Motion debuts a revolutionary — state-of-the-art — disinfectant technology to provide safety-first approaches to large-scale facility reopenings for large indoor and outdoor facilities and arenas.

Perpetual Motion is a new company founded by commercial cleaning veterans Scott Thornton, president, and Jimmy Petrick, chief operating officer, who address disinfecting protocol shortcomings in the wake of COVID-19. The company is a disinfecting distributorship that combines the industry’s most advanced drone from Lucid Drone Technologies with Mark-V and Titania, which provide eco-friendly and full-service support to enable the large-scale disinfecting needs of learning institutions, athletic facilities and other large infrastructures seeking safe, sanitary and seamless reopenings. 

As experts wrestle with reopening facilities, Perpetual Motion is aggressively addressing the public health needs of organizations resuming business and daily operations as safely as possible.

The consolidation of quality drone technology and a non-toxic disinfecting chemistry, Perpetual Motion is providing operators of facility and building service contractors an “all-in-one full-service solution” to mitigate against the pressing public health concerns due to COVID-19.

According to Scott Thornton, Perpetual Motion president and industry veteran:

“Facilities are eager to re-open, but to date, no company has provided a complete solution for using drone technology to disinfect large facilities and arenas, Perpetual Motion president and industry veteran Scott Thornton. At Perpetual Motion, we see an incredible opportunity to blend safe and effective chemistry with sophisticated American-made drone technology to serve building service contractors and facility administrators as they work to address reopening uncertainties.”*

The disinfectant is a EPA-approved, hospital and food-grade neutral Dual Quat disinfectant from Mark-V which is safe for plants, animals and humans with neither harsh residuals or Quat burn. Once this is applied to disinfect, its effect continues with Titania, a non-friction, antimicrobial coating that adheres to any surface, providing an “armor shield” coat that continues to provide protection for as long as a year. Because organic materials coming in contact with the solution will break down upon contact, it is ideal for high-capacity venues that require thorough protection.


As a disinfectant distributorship, Perpetual Motion also makes it possible for individuals to own a piece of the business to make a reasonable, steady income, while helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses, such as the seasonal flu.

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