How to Use Drones for Site Planning, Bidding

Drones provide aerial intelligence which is drastically changing how large construction projects are done. From site surveying and site planning at the beginning of a project to performing safer and more accurate site inspections during the project development, drones have completely changed the construction business.

Gathering aerial data and imagery has been difficult and expensive until the advent of drone technology. Construction sites depend on inspections and surveys to obtain a comprehensive view of construction progress to ensure that strict safety standards are being met. Drones make it possible for operators to efficiently review projects without disrupting work, which is more likely to prevent workers from unnecessary harm.

Drones that feature mounted cameras can provide video footage to facilitate communication and surveillance. Drone photography/mapping for construction makes it more accurate, faster and less expensive than traditional methods.

It is estimated that large construction projects cost as much as 80% more than budgeted and run as long as 20 months behind schedule. Those acquainted with construction know how easy it is for any given project to fall behind.

Surveying a site is critical to the pre-construction process. Drones make pre-construction videos possible that can be used not only for the team and the subcontractors but also for insurance purposes.

Because drones shorten the time it takes to conduct site surveys which enables you to place bids fast, and accelerate the planning and design process with highly accurate maps and 3D models.

By flying over the site it is possible to capture pre-existing conditions. By overlaying design plans and notes directly on top of the map such data can be sent out to the subcontractors.

This enables all subcontractors to be better informed.

Drone photography can more accurately estimate the cost of earthmoving during the time of making bids. Because drones have the ability to collect and report data, contractors will be able to make more ambitious bids with its accurate information.

Drones can generate more business because drone photography can be an important sales tool because it helps people visualize the final product.

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