5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Drone in 2020

With what is happening in the drone market, there are numerous reasons why you should buy a drone in 2020. Since an article on “numerous” reasons would take up too much space, we will look at just a sample–5 reasons–why you should consider to buy a drone this year.

“Wow!” “Incredible!” “Amazing!” “What is that?” “Where did you get that?” “How much do they cost?”

From my personal experience, these are typical words or expressions people use to describe what they see, when they are first introduced to drones.

The market for consumer drones has been growing rapidly within the last eight years. Going into 2012, the market hit about $40 million, then, in 2017, the market hit $1.1 billion, and in 2018, it jumped to $3 billion and, in 2019, it reached $3.3 billion in sales.

What is it about drones that causes people to go out and buy them in unprecedented numbers?

In this blog we will look at 5 different ways why drones are so popular and profitable.

Since there is a small investment involved in buying a drone, many may be interested in getting a return on the investment immediately, which is usually not the case with any new business. It takes some time to make significant profit. In fact, for others, they may be looking to get into acquiring a commercial license to make a career out of working with drones.

A lot of the ways that drones are currently being used is for “photography” and/or “videography,” or simply because many find them enjoyable, thus also mostly for just having fun. These are very common motivations that seem to naturally attract many to drones.

We will look at these sectors of the drone industry.

Just for Fun

Most fathers who were willing to spend real money for a Christmas present for their son, would typically get an expensive train set. It quickly became obvious to the wife that her husband really didn’t buy that expensive set for his two or three-year-old son, who had no idea of how to operate it or appreciate it whatsoever.

Drones may be the gift to purchase for fathers in the third millennium. What an exciting toy! A toy, unlike the electric train, that can do incredible things, such as yield significant financial profit.

Who wouldn’t enjoy zooming around the skies as free as a bird?

What an exhilarating experience!

And with the prices for drones continually going down, to buy a drone isn’t really such a significant investment any longer.

Futuristic Technology

Whether the reason is purely for fun or for profit, it makes sense to get involved with a brand whose technology has a big future, which will continue to develop new and more sophisticated products.

Most of us who bought computers in the 80s and 90s, don’t continue to use the same computers because their technology continually develops and becomes more sophisticated and, as a result of this, we continue to upgrade to keep abreast of the latest development.

Amazing Footage

Who doesn’t like amazing photography?

Nature provides free access to incredible scenes!

Aerial photos and videos that are stunning, are within reach of anyone who operates a drone with a quality camera.

Awesome scenes are not limited to professional photographers. With the right equipment, they are ready for the taking. It is true, however, that some scenes are not available to anyone, because you can only capture some photos and videos from the air, in places that no one else can get to without a drone.

Real Estate Photography and Videography

Using drones to capture unique photographs and/or videos of real estate properties, is a more obvious use of drones, but still a very good use of drones. This is partly the reason why it is such a popular use of drones.

Real estate lends itself easily to the use of drones because property, especially expansive property, where there are a number of buildings can be easily photographed by drones.

What better way to catch a potential buyer’s attention than by showcasing beautiful property with aerial stills and videos of the homes being listed?

Furthermore, aerial views not only give amazing views of the property itself, but also the surrounding area. This is very important, because it gives a buyer a more comprehensive and complete picture of what he is considering in his decision of whether to buy a particular property, or not.

Caution: The FAA does require that in order to use your drone for commercial purposes, you must have an FAA approved 333 exemption, and you must also have a pilot’s license to be able to run your drone for commercial purposes.

Sports Photography

Drones are ideal for capturing various sports settings, such as well-known and popular sports, like football, basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, and golf.

Perhaps an even greater opportunity for the use of drone photography, would be in the area of “extreme sports.”

“Extreme sports” (“action sports,” “alternative sports”) are sporting events or pursuits characterized by high speeds and high risk. The sports most commonly placed in this group is skateboarding, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, downhill skiing, in-line roller-skating, BMX and mountain biking, and triathlon. Typically, extreme sports operate outside traditional mainstream sports, and are celebrated for their adrenaline-pumping thrills. Racing and acrobatic competitions for motorcycles, cars, and snowmobiles, are also often classified as “extreme,” and the term can be stretched to include such daring pursuits as rock climbing and skydiving.

Such photography would also require greater creativity and expertise from the drone pilot to safely capture stunning footage of such, often dangerous, events.


Drones not only afford us the exhilarating experience of zooming around the skies as free as a bird, but they also provide exceptional aerial stills and footage, which opens up many opportunities to enjoy financial rewards so you should buy a drone now!

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