Using Drones for Special Events

Drones have a way of grabbing attention and amazing people. Yet many people, when they think of drones, they may focus on all the commercial uses of drones, after all, they can be utilized in so many helpful and practical ways. However, we should not forget that drones can be a lot of fun. For many, drones are simply the adult version of toys. In some ways that is true. However, today even the simplest drones are very sophisticated and can do impressive things. You may not notice but many people use drones for special events!

Synchronized Drone Light Concerts is a new form of art entertainment and there have been a number of drone light show concerts and some think they may become more popular than fireworks-display. Some shows have between 300 to 500, even 1500 drones in the air at any time and they are synchronized to music.

Aerial drones are able to engage people with a display of technology and artistry and following are some of the top drone light shows to date:

  • Drones stole the show at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in 2018 with 1218 drones. 
  • In July 2018 Intel dazzled its audience with a spectacular light show which featured 1500 drones and displayed multicolored choreography including bright, fireworks-like orbs. (It is amazing that a single pilot was able to fly the entire fleet of light emitting remotely controlled drones at the 2018 Intel Show.)
  • At the 2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show, 300 drones made the formation of an American Flag.
  • Sky Magic Drone Entertainment Show At Mount Fuji.
  • Starbright Holidays Drone Show at Disney Springs.
  • Intel’s 500 Drone Light Show in Sydney.
  • CES Intel Drone Light Show in 2018.

The uses of drones for fun are endless! But for many, weddings come to mind. Drones are ideal for weddings that may be held outside, or at least have the reception and dinner outside, because their aerial views can provide beautiful, if not spectacular, outdoor scenes. Because drones are so agile, they can be used to get aerial shots that were once unobtainable for couples.

Here are some other uses of drones:

  • Wedding Anniversary
  • Social get-togethers
  • Birthday Party
  • Family Reunion
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Sports events
  • Addresses by Politicians and others

A drone flyover can film video or take still photos, either of which is a great way to commemorate a special day or event. By incorporating music, special effects and narration many of these events become even more special and unforgettable.

It should be kept in mind that when it comes to major special events worst-case scenarios must be considered. If there are large crowds the one who is in charge of the show is also responsible for the safety of the crowd. This requires planning to make sure preventative measures are in place in case there may be a dangerous situation.

In using drones we must always be aware of peoples’ privacy. Some people feel uncomfortable being filmed, so it is important they know if they are going to be filmed so they can express their concerns.

Drones can provide a perspective to the audience that no other technology can.

Not long ago the cost of drones was out of reach for many, but the cost has gone down significantly so it is possible to purchase one for just a few hundred dollars.

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