Unmanned Canada Conference and Exhibition Will Be Held Virtually This Year

Unmanned Canada: An increasing number of industries and markets are holding conferences and exhibitions due to the coronavirus. The Press Release reads as follows from Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

”Unmanned Systems Canada/Systèmes Télécommandés Canada is pleased to announce that its 18th Annual Unmanned Canada Conference and Exhibition will be presented virtually this year, allowing for an even greater variety of keynotes and content from Canadian and International experts – with none of the concerns associated with #COVID19. USC-STC’s online conference, UC20Remote, will take place at the same time planned for our physical conference – early November, 2020.”

According to Conference Chair Jordan Cicoria:

“Taking UnmannedCanada.20 online will equal or surpass our established tradition of exceptional conference experience and content. The virtual venue allows us to bring experts from around the globe together in a way never before possible.”

It was only after “carefully weighing the benefits” of offering a virtual conference experience during the COVID19 era, USC-STC’s Conference Committee made the decision.

Those benefits are listed as the following:

  • The ability to provide an equivalent, high-quality conference experience with our usual high standard of keynotes and speakers.
  • New option to access conference proceedings and materials post-event.
  • Multiple ticket choices during a year when many companies expect to see budgets for travel
  • Value for sponsors and exhibitors with the virtual exhibition floor.
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The UC20Remote conference, like previous annual USC-STC events, is expected to be a memorable and high-quality event — “a spectacular online gathering” — at a price “suitable for every budget.” The conference will feature key contributors, such as regulators from the unmanned industry around the globe and leaders in the forefront of futuristic thinking and innovation. In addition, they will also offer a new option to access conference proceedings and materials after the event.


This conference in Canada can expect to be “equal or surpass [the] established tradition of exceptional conference experience and content.” It is likely to set the pace for many other conferences, unless the pandemic joins other pandemics that eventually go away.

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