This Year’s DJI AirWorks Show Goes Virtual

As the largest drone brand in the world, DJI will be having its annual DJI AirWorks Conference in August of this year in Los Angeles, California.

DJI is a Chinese company and the initials stand for Shenzhen DJI Sciences and Technologies Ltd. It is more popularly known by its trade name DJI, which stands for Dà-Jiāng Innovations, which means “great frontier innovation.” It is a Chinese technology and manufacturing company that makes various kinds of drones with its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

This Annual Conference typically engages a very large crowd where industry experts and seasoned pilots gather from the professional drone industry. Almost every market attends this impressive display of drone technology, such as construction, inspection firms, law enforcement, etc., that utilize drones in first responder work. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing will keep the spectators and fans from seeing up close what is new on the market. Unfortunately, this distancing will also keep people from the camaraderie that they have enjoyed in the past.

But the show must go on! And the planners will make sure this will be another memorable event.

The conference will go on virtually, and therefore, at a substantial discount. When it was planned as an in-person event initially, tickets for the Los Angeles event on August 25-28 would have been $749. Instead, early bird tickets can be bought for as little as $49 when purchased June 9 – July 8. After that date, the price increases to $100. In addition, there is a flash sale on June 8, with $35 for the first 500 people who purchase tickets.

The conference this year will be divided into four tracks by focusing on four industries or use cases: construction, energy, public safety, and agriculture.

DJI is promising to make this DJI AirWorks as lively as possible. It will still have keynotes, breakout sessions, panels as usual. And the conference may actually feature more speakers, since it’s much easier for someone to attend virtually than in person. DJI plans to offer Q&A sessions after panels so that the audience can still participate. The company also says there will be networking opportunities, although it’s not yet clear how that will work virtually.

Last year’s event, such as “Drones for Good” sessions with DJI personnel and members of the Los Angeles Fire Department, will be offered again this year. The same content will be offered as last year.

Other offerings are:

  • New products and sensor demonstrations
  • Company announcements
  • Great speakers
  • Expert training “Can’t miss content”


With DJI’s reputation, this coming conference in August will be sure to satisfy drone enthusiasts as the planners will offer another memorable event.

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