The New DJI RS2 & RSC-2

DJI announced its new products — the Ronin S 2 and the smaller Ronin SC 2. It added small screens to its Ronin line of single-handed gimbals.

Ever since the introduction of the Ronin line, it has progressed with new features and ergonomic improvements. Both of the three-axis gimbals have stronger motors and heavier payloads. In addition, it has not only lighter materials, but also some innovative new software features we haven’t seen yet.

The hardware changes on the Ronin RS is made with carbon fiber and is 1.3lbs lighter than the original Ronin S as it weighs a mere 2.86lb, yet it is capable nonetheless of carrying a fairly heavy camera. It is also able to film for an amazing 14 hours on a single charge. The Ronin RS 2, on the other hand, has a maximum payload of as much as 10lbs, which enables the RS 2 to be able to hold even heaving rigs.

In addition, the gimbal also comes with a small 1.4-inch touchscreen display that sits right above the joystick. It can also be utilized to show gimbal settings, camera data, and transmit a live feed of what the camera is recording. However, its main purpose is to make it possible to use features, such as active track, without the need to attach a smartphone on top of the camera.

Titan Stabilization Algorithm is a predictive technology that DJI is also introducing, which makes it possible to optimize one’s specific shooting style over time and thereby minimize manual user input associated with speed, deadband, and acceleration settings. SuperSmooth is another new software enhancement that is  designed for “smoothing out movements” when using a tighter lens of up to 100mm focal length when shooting.

The focus wheel is now located on the front of the handle and it sits right above the index finger. Both RS 2 and RSC 2 are now compatible with Arca Swiss and Manfrotto plates. It is also possible to speed up times between shots, because the same axis can now be fine-tuned with the balancing knob, after being mounted on the camera.

The Ronin SC 2 is a smaller version of the RS 2 built for smaller mirrorless cameras. This year’s updates include a new foldable design and many of the software and hardware features added to the RS 2.

The gimbal weighs 2.65lb, which is just slightly heavier than its 2.4lb predecessor. Its stronger motors support a payload of about 6.6lb. According to DJI, the more popular camera/lens combinations will work better as Panasonic SH1 is combined with a fairly heavy 24-70mm lens.

Because the new design is foldable, it makes it possible for the gimbal to be held in sling mode, thereby enabling shooting very low to the ground. In addition, there is also a small 1-inch screen directly above the handle.

DJI says the following concerning add-ons and the ability to further expand the capabilities of both models:

“DJI RS 2 and RSC 2 were designed to expand beyond single-handed stabilization into tools that can be customized with additional accessories to achieve the desired shot. These accessories include a cheese plate, Focus Wheel, 3D Focus System, Twist Grip Dual Handle, RavenEye Image Transmission System, Tethered Control Handle, counterweight systems, and more.[] For remote operation, both DJI RS 2 and DJI RSC 2 can use ActiveTrack 3.0 when the RavenEye Image Transmission System is connected, sending a 1080p/30fps low-latency feed to a mobile device using the Ronin app from up to 200 meters away. Vital features and functions can now be controlled and adjusted over long distances with the Ronin app, such as gimbal movement using the virtual joystick and Force Mobile, where the gimbal mimics the mobile device’s movement. For solo operators using manual-focus lenses, the 3D Focus System uses state-of-the-art TOF sensors mounted above the camera to provide autofocus. This enables a single shooter to capture smooth and cinematic footage using a manual lens, without relying on a second camera operator or focus puller.”*    

Pricing is $499 for the base DJI RS C2 and $849 for the DJI RS 2.


DJI’s new products, its Ronin S 2 and the smaller Ronin SC 2, with its Ronin line of single-handed gimbals, are once again offering new features and ergonomic improvements that should entice drone enthusiasts who are looking for new enhanced products.

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