Profitable Wedding Videos Using Drones

Young couples who are looking for impressive, memorable pictures and wedding videos to capture their special day, are increasingly looking to drones as the answer.

It is difficult to imagine a better tool to accomplish such a goal!

It is not surprising that the role of drones in wedding videos andceremonies has become very popular in the last few years, when considering their ability to capture an entire venue and all the guests from a wide diversity of overhead angles.


Since drones have propellers and engines, they make noise that can be disruptive. It is vital, therefore, that the drone engine is not “on” during poignant moments such as the ceremony, and especially at the time when the bride and groom exchange vows.


Make sure a couple is aware of the cost. They should not have unrealistic expectations, especially if they are on a strict budget, so they need to know beforehand that adding a drone package could run approximately $800 to $1,000 on top of the regular wedding photography cost.

Safety Caution

Outdoors tends to be preferable, but if there are areas with a lot of trees, overhead wires, and telephone poles, there must be caution. Indoor venues can be difficult because there is usually not a lot of space to maneuver the drone. Tented weddings can also be tricky because there are usually a lot of wires and poles involved.

Stay away from close-up shots with drones. Drones are mini-helicopters that can mess up the hair, makeup and dress, so make sure the drone is not in the vicinity of the bride and guests.


It is important to be strategic and make sure there is adequate time to capture beautiful aerial view shots. Because drones tend to bring attention, it is probably best to shoot footage during the cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception when guests are just milling around.

Because drones are noisy, they may draw attention to the sky instead of the wedding. Therefore it may be a good idea to allow some time to do some fun drone wedding photography shots with the family and guests. Attention could be on the drone for a certain period of time, and then focus on the bride and groom and other festivities. This is a great time to gather guests on the lawn and get them in creative poses.


Drones can’t fly in bad weather. so if there is any precipitation or high winds on the day of the wedding, the wedding will have to proceed without a drone. Drones should only be flown on calm, clear days.

Because drones can’t fly in bad weather, it is important that the contract allows for cancellation of the drone service.


Since there is the remote possibility of some unfortunate incident with a drone, it is best to be covered by insurance for injuries to people and damages to property, including the drone.


Check beforehand about permits. Certain venues may require permits to operate a drone on the premises. Once again, permits take time and cost you money. Be sure to ask your drone operator before you hire. Additionally, certain cities don’t allow you to fly over private property at all. These are all things that should be cleared ahead of time.

Certain venues might require a permit to operate a drone on their private property. Some cities also don’t allow you to fly drones over private property at all. Permits take time to apply for and cost money, so investigate whether you need a permit for drone operation ahead of time.


Traditional wedding videos and albums should be a thing of the past since it is now possible to capture the cinematic grandeur of aerial footage revealing landscapes and spectacular views . . . and possibly even a breathtaking sunset.

Being able to offer one-of-a-kind wedding photography and video should be an attractive drone business for many.

People who are already interested in professional photography can add a drone to their arsenal of tools, which can open up opportunities for a successful business.

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