New RoboMaster Educational Robot Released By DJI

The RoboMaster EP Core was recently launched this summer (2020) by DJI and is considered to be an advanced educational robot. It provides an all-in-one solution for STEAM-based education in classrooms everywhere. It was built to help teachers to teach STEAM in a fun and engaging manner by allowing students to get hands-on experiences by building and later working with the hardware and software that powers the RoboMaster EP Core.

The RoboMaster EP Core with its AI has programming projects for students of all ages and experience levels. Its educational tool is unrivaled with powerful mechanical accessories and options with unlimited expandability.

This new RoboMaster educational robot is DJI’s third STEAM product after the RoboMaster S1 and Ryze Tello, its earlier models. It is made of steel and finished with a sleek, futuristic design and fully equipped with cutting-edge technologies.

Its robotic arm is extremely durable, yet compact and flexible, as it supports precise FPV control, thus enabling students to complete tasks even when the target objects are out of sight. The robotic arm that can pick up and move objects around in conjunction with the FPV-style camera mounted on it. The camera can also be for image recognition, which makes it possible to create vision-specific code that informs the robot to only pick up an object if it matches X, for example.

The gripper transforms the RoboMaster into a powerful robot with multiple functions, such as a practical structural design and adjustable gripping force, which empower it to firmly and reliably grasp and move objects of various shapes, weights, and sizes. It also comes with four Mecanum wheels, each with 12 rollers that makes omnidirectional movement and precision control possible. Its front axis suspension makes it more versatile during operation.

The servo is a propulsion driver for the EP Core that supports customized control abilities through the EP Core’s main control board. It makes high control accuracy and large output torque possible and can power the robotic arm to make it possible for students to build lifting structures using their knowledge of physics.

Each sensor adaptor has two ports and provides power supply to which a power connector module can connect and power third-party hardware. This makes it possible to have multiple ports with up to 39 programmable components to connect hardware and create custom programs and applications.

With a measurement range of 0.1-10 meters, the infrared distance sensor provides reliable distance measurement information, which enables the EP Core to sense its environment and avoid obstacles. This gives students a deeper understanding of advanced autonomous driving principles.

According to Jianrong Gao, Head of DJI Education:

“The RoboMaster EP Core was designed with both the experiences of instructor and student in mind to ensure engagement around STEAM subjects, including artificial intelligence, robotics, programming, and other cutting-edge science and technology. We also look forward to working with institutions and curriculum partners to develop local content to enable students to further explore practical and innovative applications for the future.”*

The RoboMaster EP is packed with AI capability, to allow students to train the robot to recognize lines, vision markers, claps, gestures, people, and other robots. The robot can also collect its own data and use it in deep learning practices, model training, and scene recognition. You can also pick up an infrared depth sensor to make your own self-driving car with obstacle avoidance.

Gao followed up with:

“At DJI Education, we strive to be at the forefront of education innovation. It’s important for us to invest in the next generation of tech innovators by working with the education sector to provide the latest technology and tools to enrich STEAM learning.”*

Because the RoboMaster EP is focused on the education industry, the company has provided an accompanying guidebook for teachers to use, which makes it easy to define goals for the students along with additional information on the robot.

The DJI RoboMaster is available right now via an order form on DJI’s Store as well as DJI Education authorized dealers.


This new RoboMaster educational robot released by DJI should be a tremendous boost to educators who must be on the forefront of the very latest educational technology that can support and advance their ability to make learning fun, as well as, a necessary educational experience.

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