New FoxFury Lighting System Launches For Autel Evo 2

FoxFury Lighting Partners with Autel Robotics launches the D100 Drone Search/Spotlight System for the Autel EVO II series of drones. As part of its expanded partnership with TacSwan and Autel, these new features — the new lighting system — uses Osram LEDs and enables the Evo II to become an ideal search and rescue drone with the ability to have a searchlight, payload delivery system, and leg extensions.

The new D100 drone search/spotlight provides public safety users 2300 lumens of focused lighting at an angle of 60 degrees of wide light from an altitude of about 200 feet, using Osram LEDs.

The D100 is designed for the Autel EVO II and weighs12 oz (346 grams). It is water-resistant and has a battery life of 70 minutes which is attached to a special mount called the EXOLANDER, which allows proper center of gravity and which provides “landing feet.” It also has 10 mounting points for more lights or other accessories, which are directed and can be attached or removed from the EVO II without tools. A 15-degree focused beam provides brilliant white light that illuminates areas typically poor lighting and may also be angled or aimed straight down. 

Mario Cugini, VP of FoxFury Lighting Solutions, explains:

“We have had many agencies inquire about expanding the FoxFury saddle system provided as a component in the Made in USA Autel EVO II Dual bundles. These questions led our engineering team to develop a solution that is rapidly deployable, ultra-rugged, and affordable. Our primary market is public safety, so it makes sense that we partner with Autel to support their public safety programs. We’ve enjoyed great success with the D3060 lighting on the EVO Series aircraft and anticipate similar successes with this new accessory lineup.”*

The EXOLANDER© has a Payload Delivery System as an option that can be used to quickly transport items in an emergency. This enables public safety workers to provide supplies that may be needed for people who are stranded, such as EMS bags, tourniquets, cell phones, radios, space blankets, water bottles, first-aid kits, or other small items or devices in situations where rescuers either cannot reach or where they cannot clearly communicate with victims.

This Payload Delivery System can be especially helpful since it can make the difference between someone surviving that extra time that is needed to rescue them safely.

Gary DeLuca, CEO of Autel Robotics USA, spoke enthusiastically about this latest lighting system:

“FoxFury’s latest lighting system for the EVO II aircraft is impressive and expands possibilities for our public safety and enterprise users. We look forward to public safety agencies executing missions in the field with these new accessories. The EXOLANDER© opens the doors for many more accessories from FoxFury, enabling us to respond to our customer’s requests rapidly.”*

It is clear that the FoxFury line of products have become known for their  durability and speed, which has enabled the company to offer unique solutions and possibilities for situations where timing is everything, when minutes, or even seconds, can mean life or death for innocent victims.

FoxFury Lighting Solutions has also released the D3060 and D10 lighting solutions. The D3060 is a 360-degree light that can be used at both 30 and 60 degrees to provide lighting in all directions and utilizes a USB-C connector to charge its LiPo battery, which can last up to 3 hours with a a maximum brightness of 200 lumens.


FoxFury Lighting’s expanded partnership with Autel Robotics in launching the D100 Drone Search/Spotlight System for the Autel EVO II series of drones which is another positive launching as it offers a new lighting system by using Osram LEDs. 

This partnership better enables the Evo II to become an ideal search and rescue drone as it is equipped with a searchlight, payload delivery system, and leg extensions.

Since FoxFury’s primary market is public safety, its partnership with Autel makes sense in supporting their public safety programs. Furthermore it is a solution that is “rapidly deployable, ultra-rugged, and affordable.”*

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