Is A New DJI RoboMaster Fixed-Wing RC Plane in the Works?

Until December, 2020, the DJI RoboMaster line consisted of the S1 and EP Core ground-based robots, with the Ryze Tello also being used infrequently in competitions, but based on new images that have appeared online, it is likely that DJI is expanding its educational robots to include the latest RoboMaster fixed-wing plane branded RC.

What is visible online are the wings and a rudder controlled with servo motors, probably the same ones used by the robotic arm on the EP Core and on the side of the fuselage, six holes are visible. These may be mounting points that can be used as accessories or sensors.

These new images, shown by OsitaLV, could mean that DJI will be focusing more on the educational line of robots by introducing this new flying robot. This is probably a wise direction since the first Phantom DJI has basically owned the consumer and commercial market when it has to do with drones.

This educational emphasis makes sense for DJI since it has already come to dominate in the other major areas.


Robotics and education are becoming a promising combination in the future as many schools worldwide are beginning to integrate robotics into classrooms at an early stage, similar to educating children on computers at an early stage (i.e. preschool classroom computers for children) and consistent with the emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) projects.

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