Drones Are Revolutionizing Advertising and Marketing

We are no longer in an age of traditional advertising and marketing. Thanks to new development in technology, drones are very promising to many industries, including advertising and marketing. Even though we’re seeing drones literally everywhere, we’re only at the beginning of this phenomenon. This is because we have only scratched the surface when it comes to the potential drones have in impacting–even revolutionizing–numerous aspects of industries, businesses, and life as a whole.

Marketing is one of the most creative and toughest industries in the world. Each day, companies and entrepreneurs are seeking new ways to attract attention and to mesmerize possible clients into becoming loyal customers.

We’re beginning to see drones everywhere, and yet when compared to their potential, we’re only at the beginning of this phenomenon. These small, and not so small, flying robots come in a wide range of shapes and have unlimited commercial potential.

From aerial mapping and wedding photography, to surveying and real estate, drones have made a huge impact in the advertising and marketing industries. Others in the marketing world are beginning to see how drones can affect and enhance a company’s name.


Some companies are already seeing how using drones can be cost-effective. Using a drone for aerial photography instead of a helicopter saves a company a significant amount of money. With the benefits of having a drone, companies are hiring freelancers to do the work, thereby boosting their bottom line and the economy at large.

There are numerous industries that are already using drones to their clear advantage. These industries have not only saved money, but gained an edge in their field by using drones to capture stunning footage.

Wedding Photography

Since the wedding industry is never going away, it is a good business to get into.

Drones make it possible to create stunning photos and videos that will enhance any wedding! The versatility of drones allows couples and photographers to come up with unique ideas and thoughts on what type of photos they will want on the most important day of their life it is crucial that pictures are exceptional.


Architects and those in the field, use drones to take aerial footage and photos. In turn, this can help them create buildings, map out entire areas, and, of course, save money. Using drones can cut out the need for expensive photographers and others who map out the land and are thus more financially feasible for businesses in this difficult economy, due to the “new normal” of the Covid 19.

Real Estate

Many real estate companies use drones, not only to offer full 360-degree views of properties that are available for sale, but also to show photos and videos of aerial views of neighborhoods and businesses, etc. In addition, small drones are also able to give a virtual tour on the inside of homes, which gives potential buyers a better sense of how they feel about the property.

Advertisers and marketers can use drones to take photos and videos that can catch a consumer’s eye, and do it for less than it would cost when using a regular photographer.

With the help of drones, advertisers and marketers can create unique campaigns for products or businesses that are more likely to elicit sales.


Drones are ideal for the travel and tourism industry because they can provide aerial photos and videos which give a prospective tourist a better and more accurate, feel for an area, whether it is a certain town, city, state, or country. Showing the uniqueness and beauty of a given area will enhance the tourism of that place.

Films Marketers are using drones in dramatic ways to catch the attention of viewers in many commercials and films. They have been used in several commercials, showing that they are capable of playing many roles, even delivering items or packages to the workers and crew.

Drones are being used in virtual reality experiences. The aerial footage drones give the audience a realistic feel while they are experiencing a different world.


Marketers and advertisers are planning on using drones as a part of the technology that is still emerging. Drones will gather data and integrate it for use in the marketing and advertising fields.

They have been used in air shows to bring creative applications of drones to bring attention to the entertainment value of drones, which have been perceived as having only military use when, in fact, the value of drones are exponentially greater, especially now during the Covid 19 economy, where saving time and money is a very salient piece for businesses.

Advertisers have used drones to promote activities or products directly by carrying banners with promotional messages and in utilizing multiple drones that can be used in skywriting.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are the future in the emerging industries and markets in our country and in the world. UAVs have already impacted many fields of endeavor, and those in advertising and marketing need to take advantage of this emerging technology.

Drones have unlimited commercial potential and the most dramatic ways drones will change advertising and marketing are limitless.

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