Drones Are More Than Cameras To Photographers

The time when a camera and a roll of film were all you needed to create beautiful photos are long gone. Now, photographers have a vastly wider variety of instruments from which to choose, such as DSLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, smartphones, and even the latest addition to the lineup: the camera drone.

Using our flying cameras just for drone photography and videography is shortsighted, because photographers can use a drone for more than drone photography and videography.

The expectations of clients is one of the reasons for this slight phenomenon. Reducing the skills of a photographer to someone with merely lots of gear, such as lights, a gimbal, clamps, arms, microphones and stands, a drone offers much more. After all, professional or hobbyist photographers should seriously consider purchasing a drone to add the photo gear.

Evidently, some feel it is shameful to use auto settings when using one’s drone. Although photographers possess video shooting capabilities in their DSLRs, a camera drone will most likely make it easier to use a drone as your first video shooting tool. DJI, for instance, has made their drones out-of-the-box-ready to use. Instead of having to figure out which lens or menu settings to use, any DJI drone can capture amazing video on the first flight.

Using auto settings on a drone may at times be the best method to record quality video.

Photography work that is most popular at this time seems to be real estate and weddings, as well as family and senior portraits. In fact, in the larger cities, real estate drone photography and videography has become a saturated market. 

Location is extremely important when doing a portrait shoot with a client or a stunning landscape. Having an aerial shot of the location just from a few dozen feet will help. And having the ability to be able to see a 100 ft. radius can provide a different perspective. And there may be times when it is best to use a drone rather than the DSLR when shooting a landscape photo.

Drones give photos a unique and interesting perspective. Probably, the most attractive reason for using a drone for photography is that it allows you to shoot from an aerial view, which, in and of itself, can instantly change plain old photos into something really impressive.

Most drones, especially the more advanced ones, have built-in cameras that can rotate and swivel to allow the operator to shoot photos and videos from all angles, which is especially useful for photographers, since it can offer them more freedom and flexibility in creating the “perfect” photo.

Having the ability to take photos of subjects from all angles and positions without ever having to move from where you stand, should be appealing to anyone.

Because drones provide access to hard-to-reach areas, drones are one of the solutions for humanitarian disaster relief operations, which is another aspect to drones that can be very useful to a photographer. 

Drones have enormous potential when it comes to sports and adventure photography. Nature and wildlife photographers no longer need to go on perilous trips through jungles and rainforests or hike up steep mountains to take photos. Photojournalists no longer need to risk their lives by placing themselves in the middle of disaster areas and warzones to catch their desired picture.With the help of drones, therefore, photographers have the option of documenting subjects and events in inaccessible locations.

Drones also take amazing action shots without cable-suspended camera systems or camera crews in helicopters hovering over a football stadium, NASCAR racetrack, or any other sports’ venue. This has made photography and videography more accessible for sports coverage. 


Drones are clearly a more convenient and cost-effective alternative to what has been offered in the past.

There is no doubt that drones have propelled the art of photography and videography to exciting new heights, and the possibilities for the future are virtually endless!

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