Drone Captures Tesla’s Gigafactory Construction Progression

Drone Videos show Tesla Gigafactory construction moving at a rapid pace as drone pilots have captured the progression over time from the sky. The videos show the massive scale of the Gigafactory and the incredible amount of space for this massive factory, as well as the employees’ parking lot and park. In fact, the site is so large that it even appears to have its own concrete production facility and office buildings.

Tesla began looking for suitable locations within the state that could be used to produce electric cars and their batteries as early as 2014. This location became known as Giga Nevada, whereas it was formerly known as Gigafactory 1. In June 2020, Tesla began to seek another property to build its next Gigafactory, which led to this present construction, which began by the end of July 2020.

This video shows Tesla’s massive new Austin Gigafactory being built from the ground up. Roberts flew around the massive site near Austin, Texas, with his DJI Mavic 4K drone and posted a new video nearly every day. 

Under the titles at the start of the video, there is a timelapse of the site as it is built from the time it was just a parcel of land surrounded by trees and scrub brush. The large assembly line buildings then takes shape and then the superstructure, and also on-site construction of the massive cooling and heating systems being put in place.

The most well-known aerial photographer is a teenager referred to as “Tesla Kid” on YouTube, who first flew his drone at the Berlin Gigafactory when the police almost arrested him for doing so, since he did not have permission to fly.

Elon Musk, early investor, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc., managed to find out what happened and almost immediately permitted “Tesla Kid” to fly at the Gigafactory. Since then, Tesla Kid has produced 29 videos with periodic updates on the factory’s progression, which will be used to manufacture electric cars and the batteries to power them.


It is not surprising that a visionary such as Elon Musk is building such a gigantic Tesla factory. He sets the example of what can be done when there is a combination of vision, passion, and strategic planning.

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