Debut Flight of EHang Air Taxi in Korea!

Hang Holdings Restricted/Limited (Nasdaq: EH) introduced its EHang 216 two-seater passenger-grade autonomous aerial vehicle/car (AAV), which has completed its maiden flight in Korea. “It’s Korea’s first time to launch a flight of an autonomous “air taxi” over a densely populated downtown space,” according to an organization press release.

The flight, which took place on November 11, 2020, was a part of the “Open the City Sky” UAM Seoul Demo event within the heart of Seoul. The flight is anticipated to be adopted and followed by a series of trials in a number of Korean cities.

The demonstration proves that governmental authorities all over the world acknowledge EHangs air taxis as a safe mode of future transportation. A press release explained:

“The maiden flight was permitted by Korea’s MOLIT after acquiring a Particular Certificates of Airworthiness (“SAC”) for the EHang 216 AAV, a primary SAC ever issued to a passenger-grade AAV’”*

The EHang 216 was purchased by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and is the first of its kind in Korea to be officially registered under the Nationality and Registration Mark “HL008X,” by MOLIT.

The Acting Mayor of Seoul, Seo Jeong-hyup said, 

“The air taxi is a dream of mankind for future transportation. We are excited that Seoul can host the country’s first domestic demo flight. Seoul is pioneering itself as an innovative hub of the world. Urban air mobility services are drawing keen attention as an option to alleviate ground traffic congestions with a huge potential for growth. The city government will strive to realize the human dream of safe flights for Seoul citizens and thus support the future industry of Korea.”*

The Korean authorities announced the “Korean City Air Mobility (Okay-UAM) Roadmap” in June, 2020. The federal government aims to see that industrial passenger drone companies can be accessible as rapidly as 3 – 5 years from now (2023 to 2025).

This launch will be followed with trial projects in many locations across Korea for a variety of UAM uses, such as urban passenger transportation, aerial sightseeing, island hopping and aerial logistics.

EHang Founder, Chairman and CEO, Huazhi Hu said:

“We are glad to see the Korean government taking the initiative in planning and implementing urban air mobility in Asia. This pioneering Special Certificate of Airworthiness marks a leap for both parties and builds on our regulatory breakthroughs in China, Europe, and America. We are excited to be the world’s first company to provide safe, comfortable, efficient and eco-friendly urban mobility solutions to Korea. We expect to accelerate UAM development and to expand in the Korea market in the near future.”*


EHang’s Passenger Drone’s (EHang 216) maiden flight in Korea: Air Taxis — a “Dream of Mankind” — is Korea’s first time even to launch a flight of an autonomous “air taxi” over a densely populated downtown space.

This Korean government’s initiative in planning and implementing urban air mobility in Asia, opens up doors for other governments to take similar initiatives to expand such urban air mobility around the world.

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