Blue sUAS Vesper Drone Available to Public From Vantage Robotics

The Vantage Robotics Vesper drone created for the military and first responders and is now available for direct purchase by companies, or the public, from $7,000. Vesper provides field operators with American-made portable ISR that is backpack ready and easy to use.

The Vesper has been tested with thousands of hours of flight. Vesper’s modular design has an unusual look and contains a thermal sensor and a zoom. Its quality meets the needs of a range of mission-critical operations at a moment’s notice.

The ISR drone is a basic aerial component of modern militaries today as it offers realtime battlefield tracking of ongoing actions and enemy positions. There are a total of 156 ISR unmanned aerial vehicles entries in the Military Factory.

The U.S.-made Vantage Robotics Vesper is one of five UAS that have been selected as a Blue sUAS, which means it is considered a favor by the U.S. government departments.

As a military-grade unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) the Vesper is not only used by the Department of Defense (DoD), but also by other U.S. federal agencies, Vesper, and its Vision Ground Control Station (GCS). Vantage Robotics, the UAV’s manufacturer, announced that Vesper has capabilities like stealth and low-light cameras, endurance, portability, and a modular design.

The Vesper is a compact, rugged, drone that can withstand a force of 200 pounds, or 90 kilograms. It is also light (690-grams) with extended flight time and with unmatched low light performance. Its “Vision Ground Control Station” includes an integrated, 2500-nit screen that can be viewed clearly in broad daylight, and the GCS also has an IP56 Ingress Protection factor, meaning it’s also fairly impervious to rain. The drone is capable of flying in difficult GPS locations, as well as in adverse RF conditions. It can fly in extreme weather, including heavy rain, since it is waterproof. In fact, it can operate in extreme temperatures and weather conditions and can tolerate temperatures from -4 F (-20 C) to 113 F (45 C). 

Vantage’s CEO and co-founder, Tobin Fisher, told Avionics International, in an email the following:

“We’re incredibly proud to introduce Vesper, our elite small EO/IR drone with unequaled endurance, zoom, stealth, and low-light capabilities. After years of development and rigorous testing by the U.S. Department of Defense, Vesper is now ready for the most challenging reconnaissance missions. We look forward to significantly increasing capabilities for our U.S. government customers as well as select first responders, security, and inspections’ customers.”*

Some of the commercial or civilian uses of Vesper include facilities management, inspections of secure infrastructures, private security, wildlife management, oceanographic research, and law enforcement.

The Vesper is primarily a reconnaissance vehicle that will be used most effectively by police, military, search-and-rescue, etc. In fact, Vantage Robotics points out that the design of the drone was actually based on feedback by the military, which includes “elite special forces.” Vantage Robotics describes the Vesper in the following way:

“Vesper is a complete aerial reconnaissance system built upon user-centered design criteria obtained from military leaders, experienced operators, elite special forces, industry veterans, and DoD security experts. These respected leaders helped the Vantage team thoughtfully develop Vesper and Vision Ground Control Station and informed the foundations of the design.”*


The Vantage Robotics Vesper is a drone created not only for the military, but also for first responders, such as police, firemen, search-and-rescue, infrastructure inspections, etc. and is now available for direct purchase by companies or the public at an affordable price — $7,000, makes  the Vesper a phenomenal new drone. 

This compact, rugged, light, largely financially feasible, high-quality drone is an impressive new product from Vantage Robotics that opens up new doors to numerous applications that were not available to the general public until now.

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