Altitude Angel Selected To Provide Global Map Data

Altitude Angel, the world’s leading unmanned traffic management (UTM) technology provider, is selected to provide global map data by Iprosurv, the survey and inspection provider. This embeds Altitude Angel’s market leading data in its flight mapping solutions.

Although established fairly recently (2014), Iprosurv are considered a crucial company in the promotion and implementation of many of the applications of drones used in various markets and industries. Iprosurv are capable of providing clients from virtually all industries with valuable visual and data insights because of a drone pilot contractor network that is comprized of field experts throughout the UK.

Altitude Angel’s pioneering Airspace Map, DroneSafetyMap, will be embedded by Iprosurv within its internal pilot portal, which will provide Iprosurv’s network of UAV operators with a “one-stop-shop” platform to assess the risk that may be associated with each operation before arriving on a given site. In addition, a detailed area report and a score of the possible danger involved will also be provided by Altitude Angel’s innovative Area Report API. Such measures will provide further safety information essential in ensuring safety, as well as, mitigating risk.

In submitting flight reports, drone operators will enhance visibility of drone operations through Altitude Angel’s GuardianUTM as Iprosurv expands its operations across the UK and internationally.

Richard Ellis, Altitude Angel, Chief Business Officer, made the following points concerning its partnership with Iprosurv:

“The team at Iprosurv share the same entrepreneurial vision and values as Altitude Angel. We want our customers to be as well informed as possible and by integrating Altitude Angel data into its platform, we know Iprosurv will be getting the best possible data in the air and on the ground.”*

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Iprosurv, Rebecca Jones, added: 

“We are delighted to have entered into this partnership with Altitude Angel. As a national provider of drone services, Iprosurv needs to play its part in promoting the safe operation of drones by working with regulators and industry professionals. As part of that, we were looking for a partner who could provide accurate real time data to enhance our proposition in a way which not only complies with current regulations but helps shape future ones, and Altitude Angel ticked all the boxes.

As Iprosurv pushes ahead with its international ambitions, with Altitude Angel we will be able to do so in a way that is informed, safe and completely transparent with all the relevant regulators. We have always tried to push the boundaries of what commercial drones can do and this partnership is another step forward for Iprosurv and the wider commercial drone community.”*

This news follows Altitude Angel’s announcement of a partnership with Sky-Drones that enables its unmanned traffic management (UTM) platform — Pop-Up UTM — to be set up rapidly where and when it is required. Spark Mobility, and shortly thereafter, Sugu Drones, joined Altitude Angel as partners to the program.


Iprosurv’s selection of Altitude Angel, the world’s leading unmanned traffic management (UTM) technology provider, is pivotal in providing global map data and embedding Altitude Angel’s market leading data in its flight mapping solutions.

The system will specifically be deployed where a Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone flight is taking place, which means there is not even a need to build ground-based infrastructure.

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