Acecore To Provide Scalable Drone Platforms To Devs

Phase One Industrial, a world-leading provider of medium- and large-format metric cameras and imaging solutions for aerial applications, has signed an agreement with Acecore Technologies to start to supply scaleable drone platforms to third party developers.

Acecore Technologies, based in The Netherlands, is a developer and manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for cinema and industrial, and security markets. This joint venture will make it possible for new opportunities in drone-based high-end aerial imaging, high-accuracy mapping and inspection markets.

Koen Vrints, Professional UAV Surveyor at Koen Vrints BVBA, points out:

“The integration of the Phase One iXM camera with the Acecore drone, allows full control from the ground, preventing unexpected errors that would require repeated flights and therefore saves precious time.”* 

This “Acecore Developer” program is appealing to innovative businesses that are interested in getting into the UAV market, and who are planning to outsource the production of the drone itself. The concept was initiated after the company experienced an increase in demand from developers that were seeking a basic drone platform that could be used as a basis for their innovation.

Because Acecore offers pre-assembled “bare bone” versions of its three drones that have all essential components installed and calibrated, companies that specialize in artificial intelligence (AI), energy robotics, or any other emerging industry, can now get into the UAV market without the need to build a new drone from scratch.

The iXM camera in the three drone models: ZOE, NEO and NOA, provide quick and simple, efficient, and reliable UAV solutions. The Acecore NOA flagship model can fly as long as 45 minutes with any PhaseOne iXM / iXM-RS camera and lens option.

Acecore’s versions of its three drones also includes the open source Cube flight-controller. Under the “revised terms & conditions,” it is possible for developers to modify the drone’s hardware and software to fit their requirements.

It is also possible for these developers to sign an OEM agreement that enables them to distribute the final product under their own brand name.

The Acecore Developer editions of their three drones provide several mounting options to assist in the integration of third party hardware. Many integral parts can be swapped and upgraded, for example: batteries, landing gears, and entire booms can be interchanged. In addition, smaller electronics, such as the IMU, GPS and flight controller, can be removed and replaced.

The drones, with excess interior and exterior space, make it possible for developers to integrate additional parts, such as sensors, antennas and microcomputers. 


Phase One Industrial’s joint venture with Acecore Technologies has made scaleable drone platforms possible to third party developers and has opened up new opportunities in drone-based high-end aerial imaging, high-accuracy mapping, and inspection markets.

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