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Damon Darnall, also known as the Drone Boss, has been instrumental in helping people succeed in the drone industry. With over 30 years of experience, he has trained and mentored countless individuals who are now running their own profitable drone businesses. To date, Damon has helped over 10,000 people start their own drone businesses through his "Drone Command Live" seminars and the Sky Eye Network. In addition to his work with drone entrepreneurs, Damon has also helped many aspiring pilots obtain their FAA 107 license. He has taught over 25,000 people how to pass the FAA's Part 107 exam, which is required to fly drones commercially in the United States. Damon's dedication to education and training has made him a respected leader in the drone industry, and his impact on the industry is evidenced by the success of his students and the growth of the industry as a whole.

Commercial Drone Use is Growing

Far from being one shot wonders, drones continue to increase in appeal to the commercial marketplace as an essential business tool. A 2018 survey involving US companies with a revenue of at least $50 million found that 90 percent believed drones saved time and money and use would quickly double.  Drone Services for Both Large and Small Companies  …

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Autonomous Drones for Inspections

When drones first came out, there was great excitement with the possibilities for drone use in all types of inspections. Make sense sending a drone to inspect instead of the high cost and risk of human inspections. However, manual drones have not replaced traditional inspection methods. But, autonomous drones are proving to be a game changer.  Why Drones …

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Are Drone Taxis in Our Future?

Will there be drone taxis around the skies in the future? Absolutely yes, it’s a matter of when. An increasing  number of major companies are preparing themselves to enter that space.  What is Urban Air Mobility?  Urban Mobility (UAM) envisions a safe and efficient aviation transportation system that will use highly  automated aircraft that will …

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DJI FPV (M)-Mode – Things to Know Before You Try

New DJI FPV owners need to know that flying in Macro (M) is harder than they might think. It is clear by now that DJI has cornered the market of photography drones, whether it is drones for kids, enterprise drones, drones for agriculture, drones for roof inspection, etc. Since March, 2021, DJI has added one …

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Drone Records Epic Volcano Eruption!

Although most volcanoes are dormant for a long time, often for centuries, a drone captured a stunning video of volcano eruption on Iceland’s Mount Fagradalsfj all for the first time in about 800 years. Large numbers of people traveled the 20 miles from Reykjavik, the capital, to witness the spectacular, sizzling view. It is not …

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Here’s an Updated List of U.S. “Blue” Drone Manufacturers

Although the following list is not comprehensive it does provide a selection that will need to be updated as new companies grow in the U.S. market. The following drone manufacturers list includes: Vantage Robotics, Parrot ANAFI, Skydio 2, RangePro X8P, and Autel EVO II, Censys, Inspired Flight, Skyfish, and Hitec’s Commercial Solutions: Xeno FX and …

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New Specialized Drones Will Inspect Confined Spaces

Equinor Ventures and the Norweigan company, DNV,  join in as owners make a new investment in Scout Drone Inspection (ScoutDI) round of 27.5 million Norwegian kroner or $3.2 million dollars to develop its specialized drones and related technologies further. Equinor Ventures and DNV joined together with existing shareholders, including Investinor and CoFounder, as well as …

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Coca Cola with Coffee Delivered by Drone!

A2Z Drone Delivery and DroneUp joined a partnership to complete commercial deliveries of Coca-Cola cans with Coffee products to residents of Coffee County, Georgia. DroneUp managed the flights using A2Z’s Rapid Delivery System (RDS1) and Walmart helped facilitate the deliveries. The Rapid Delivery System (RDS1) used a tether that drops packages to their destination, which …

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Zipline Raises $250 Million in Funding For Drone Delivery

Drone delivery firm Zipline — already considered the world’s largest automated on-demand delivery service — raises $250 million for “expansion into new industries and geographies” including “instant” e-commerce — all which raises the medical drone delivery company’s valuation to $2.75 billion. Zipline has utilized specially designed and manufactured aircraft to establish themselves in developing countries …

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